Beauty Anwendungen Theatiner Parfümerie

Die kleine Theatiner Parfümerie is an institution to regenerate the body, mind and soul. Our Beauty Suite is a special feature where you can pamper yourself in a pleasant setting with exclusive treatments. We look forward to seeing you!

Facials using OxyGeneoTM

Anti-Age Treatment (2 hrs.) € 170.00

A regenerating anti-aging treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. Vitalizing and stimulating the skin with visibly long-lasting results. The radio frequency treatment stimulates the production of collagen. It has been found that the amount of collagen increases by up to +75% after the first treatment. This is done using the patented OxyGeneoTM skin treatment system – a 3-in-1 treatment.

1. Dermabrasion – a gentle peeling of dead skin cells results in a radiant and clear complexion.

2. Vitalization and stimulation – nourishes and hydrates the skin and supplies it with oxygen.

3. Introduction of active ingredients – improves the dermis and epidermis, which leads to visibly long-lasting results.

Recommended as a spa treatment! Special prices if purchased in a package:
Package of 3: € 450.00 instead of € 510.00
Package of 6: € 850.00 instead of € 1,020.00
Package of 10: € 1,250.00 instead of € 1,700.00

Beauty Suite OxyGeneo TM
OxyGeneoTM + TriPollar RF, a 3-in-1 treatment consisting of dermabrasion, supplying oxygen and introducing active ingredients into the skin.

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Relaxing Eye Lift Treatment (30 min.) € 50.00

Lift treatment for you and for him with OxyGeneoTM, especially for tired eyes in need of regeneration. Alleviates shadows under the eyes and works actively against eye pouches. Prevents lines and wrinkles and provides a fresh look.

Relaxation Treatment (1,5 hrs.) € 125.00

The ultimate wellness treatment using grooming products that are individually matched to the condition of your skin. The highly concentrated active ingredients that are selected help relax and soothe the skin. Afterwards, you will be pampered with an activating face and eye mask, followed by a relaxing facial massage. If desired, we will also dye your eyebrows and eyelashes!

Package of 3: € 335.00 instead of € 375.00
Package of 6: € 630.00 instead of € 750.00
Package of 10: € 985.00 instead of € 1.250.00
Skin Fitness Treatment (1 hr.)
with dermabrasion
85.00 €

This treatment becomes a relaxing experience for you and your skin by incorporating high-quality products, including an ampoule of multi-active ingredients as well as a facial massage using highly concentrated products that are specially matched to your skin type. Make-up is also possible upon request!

Package of 3: € 220.00 instead of € 255.00
Package of 6: € 390.00 instead of € 510.00
Package of 10: € 590.00 instead of € 850.00
Acne Treatment with OxyGeneo (2 hrs.) € 170.00

Gentle cleansing and dermabrasion that is attuned to sensitive acne skin. Intensive deep-cleansing followed by a radio frequency treatment that stimulates the production of anti-bacterial collagen and soothes the skin. Afterwards, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory active ingredients will be infused. To end the treatment, a facial mask will give your skin the necessary moisture and freshness.

Recommended as a spa treatment!
Package of 3: € 450.00 instead of € 510.00
Package of 6: € 850.00 instead of € 1,020.00
Package of 10: € 1,250.00 instead of € 1,700.00