Make Up in der kleinen Theatiner Parfümerie

Our range of make-up products is a tribute to the most beautiful and liveliest cosmetic colors for every day and every night. An exclusive beauty concept for perfect results.

Und_Gretel Evagarden Chanel


Cosmetics with a spirit of the times and a long-lasting soul – from the center of Berlin's pulsating heart. Make-up artist Christina Roth and marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann have transformed their simple yet ambitious objective into a reality: the development of an innovative cosmetic brand name that radiates the multi-faceted colors of Mother Nature, produced with luxurious and nurturing textures based on natural high-quality ingredients. No preservatives. No chemical ingredients. No compromise.

The Ingredients

We have exclusively selected natural ingredients for our products that are ethically correct and will continue to grow for a long time, and are thus in harmony with the environment and our future. They are combined with the purest mineral pigments, herbal or plant-based softeners and waxes, and the decision to not use any toxins and/or controversial ingredients in the conventionally decorative cosmetic products was made deliberately.


The Colors

We develop our color tones just as organically as we do our formulas. We let ourselves be inspired by the first green leaves of spring and the hot pink shades of the vibrant night sky just like haute couture creations and Berlin's energetic urban life. The result is a decorative cosmetic for every day and for those long nights – inspired by Mother Nature and formulated using the spirit of now.

The Product Range

The reduced and carefully coordinated range of products, which offer the highest level of quality with no compromises, comprises everything that you need for complete make-up. All of the products harmoniously complement one another and all of the colors can be combined with each other.


The brand EVAGARDEN is a modern and contemporary makeup line which combines the professional standards of a cosmetician with the desires of a woman who loves her femininity. The EVEGARDEN makeup is the result of an uncompromising scientific effort, both in terms of the ingredients, formulations and trends, and in relation to fashion and style. It is a world of glamorous charm and innovations. The continuous progression during the planning phase of a new look says a lot about the aspiration to create new products "Made in Italy" for women all over the world.

The ingredients

The textures of EVEGARDEN offer a real wellness experience and conjure a smile on your face. Innovative high-tech formulations reflect the latest makeup trends. Due to the use of high-class ingredients (microfine minerals, vitamin A, C and E, green tea extracts, Ginkgo biloba, karité), EVEGARDEN works as a sun blocker and it has a positive effect on anti-aging as well as on the ability to fend off free radicals.

The brand name EVEGARDEN is a carefully chosen label. It is comprised of EVA and GARDEN. EVA represents femininity, softness, sensuousness and beauty. GARDEN represents the beautiful variety of colors, the naturalness and the scent of a paradise garden.