Skincare in der kleinen Theatiner Parfümerie

In Die Kleine Theatiner Parfümerie, you receive individual consultations for skincare and cosmetics. We carry selective skincare brands and provide you with an on-site analysis of your skin type in order to find the right products for you. Let our trained specialists consult you on products designed exactly for your skin and enjoy the feeling of exclusive skincare.

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PERRIS offers unique products based on nanotechnology. At the heart of the treatment are individual peeling products which penetrate like micro-injections into the skin and activate a natural fitness program.

SKIN FITNESS combines maximum effect, pleasant fragrances, top compatibility, and luxurious textures. All products are hypoallergenic and perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

The Peeling Experts – A Workout for Your Skin

The peeling collection from SKIN FITNESS introduces a revolution in the world of peeling. Wild rose and apricot seed powder strengthen and solidify the skin through a mechanical effect. Micro-massage and micro-stimulation of the mechanical receptors cause a deep regeneration in the skin. Skin replenishment is promoted and the aging process slowed down.
Just as exercising regularly tightens your body, SKIN FITNESS peelings tighten the skin on your face. The latest research shows that skin regenerates better when it is massaged daily. SKIN FITNESS peelings are able to be combined very well with other products and are always suitable for sensitive skin.

Why does SKIN FITNESS work so successfully?

This nanotechnology with ultra-fine emulsions allows the strong, ground ingredients to be absorbed better and deeper. The active agents in turn work much more efficiently.



EVIDENS is the first anti-aging skincare which was developed especially for sensitive skin and which contains ground-breaking active ingredient synthesis (an international first). The ingredients are designed to be 100% compatible, even for extremely sensitive skin.

The exclusive regenerating QaI® active ingredients complex

The active ingredients in QaI® ("Quadplex Active Ingredients") were selected and combined so that they not only work against any sign of premature aging but also provide protection for the most sensitive skin types.
The four powerful active ingredients are:
- Triple Collagen®,
- White mulberry root extract,
- Coenzym Q10,
- Essential amino acids.

The world premiere of Triple Collagen®: solidify and restructure

An exclusive cocktail made up of three collagen sizes with incomparable absorption and effectiveness for the benefit of elasticity. EVIDENS is currently the only brand worldwide which uses Triple Collagen® in its products. This formerly impossible combination of three collagens of different sizes (Micro, Medium and Macro collagen) allows for unparalleled hydration, protection, elasticity, and suppleness.
Triple Collagen® is a one-of-a-kind cosmetic ingredient which is able to penetrate past the epidermis into the skin. The effects are quickly visible. On the surface, the skin tone is invigorated, cutaneous micro-circulation is activated, the features are tautened, and fine lines and wrinkles diminished. The skin is less wrinkled, more supple, and softer.

Two worlds which form the perfect fusion

Japan and France – two worlds which are each distinguished by high quality – form the perfect fusion: Japanese technology meets French sophistication and indulgence. Part of every EVIDENS formula is a high dosage of QaI®, additional targeted active ingredients, La Foux' spring water, and an exquisite fragrance.


RIVOLI provides vegan-certified, innovative, high-performance cosmetics that are 100% Swiss made. As part of the group of companies in an owner-managed, family-owned company based in Switzerland, RIVOLI benefits from its access to all aspects of cosmetic research: from the development of new innovative active ingredients to the manufacturing and packaging of the very finest skin care products. Here, providing the high quality, reliability and precision are tradition. RIVOLI is characterized by its distinctive pioneering spirit and is constantly looking for the latest trends with respect to ingredients and formulations.

Vegan, Anti-Aging, High-Performance Care, the Alternative to Facial Injections.

Thanks to the unique technologies of the Advanced Skin Precursors® and the multilamellar structure, in combination with the newest generation of formulations, the RIVOLI products adapt to every skin in order to effectively counter the skin-aging process. RIVOLI's expertise has made it possible to develop "needle-free," tailor-made solutions that promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin in the skin and are a genuine vegan alternative to hyaluronic injections. All products are paraben- and mineral oil-free, suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

moana skincare

moana skincare is a unique product line based on the natural and exotic ingredients of the pristine nature of New Zealand. On the one hand, the composition of all products rests upon traditional recipes of the Maori, the indigenous population of New Zealand, and on the other hand, the composition incorporates the latest findings and inno­vations in the field of glycobiology. Bio-active ingredients are combined with essential oils and extracts – however the main focus of the skin care line is on the patented component Glycoplus®.
Glycoplus®is extracted from the New Zealand dulse and mainly consists of glycans, so-called sugar chains. These have the ability to actively stimulate cell processes and to initiate cell regeneration. In addition, the New Zealand dulse contains high levels of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which contribute to the processes of skin regeneration.

Mild, but highly effective anti-aging care

The New Zealand skin care moisturizes the skin for up to 60 hours and stimulates the skin to preserve its moisture for a long time. Not only is moana an intensive moistur­izing care, it also smoothens the skin and strengthens facial contours by supporting the natural collagen synthesis. In the long term, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced naturally.


COSNOBELL takes its inspiration from the Nobel prize. This young, dynamic product line, made from German ingredients, was developed on the basis of Nobel Prize-winning research.

The products in the TELOPLATIN line contain the active substance TELOMERE PROTECT, which helps protect the ends of chromosomes (telomeres), thus preventing skin aging directly at the source. In addition, the Platinum Matrix-EM® complex stimulates collagen synthesis and Antarcticine® stimulates elastin production.

The active ingredient complex of HYDRAPORIN regulates the moisture content of the skin and supports the aquaporins (small protein channels that allow the water exchange between cells). Hyaluronic acid and pure glacier water from Norway round out the basic formulation of the texture.

Thanks to a high concentration of the active ingredients, the regular use of the products in the COSNOBELL range leads to long-lasting, visible results and a more youthful appearance of the skin.



In 2006, the Swiss brand BELLEFONTAINE opened its doors to a world of elite anti-aging skin care combined with incomparable luxury.


With products from eight lines of basic facial and body treatments, BELLEFONTAINE provides you with targeted applications to suit any skin condition, whether you need lifting or rejuvenation effects, energy or moisturizing effects, regeneration or skin protection.


The products command state-of-the-art biotechnology formulations and contain precious, natural ingredients from the Alps, such as extracts of edelweiss or pure glacier water, stem cells of plant origin or caviar.

Multiple Active-Ingredient Complexes

The central element is the exclusive, powerful anti-stress plant cocktail EDELGEN®, which acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the skin barrier for optimal protection against aging. Furthermore, each product contains an additional active complex, depending on the product line, which acts in synergy with EDELGEN®

All Bellefontaine products are produced in Switzerland and are paraben- and mineral oil-free.